Need to report an outage?

Posted on Jul 25 2017 in Orange County REMC

Call 1-855-865-2229, option 1.

Orange County REMC is happy to announce our new outage management system (OMS).
Please call 1-855-865-2229 and take option 1 to report a power outage.

Orange County REMC prides itself on answering every phone call with a member service representative during business hours. However, during times of high call volume, like a large outage, we understand the effort to reach us can be frustrating.

Co-ops like Orange County REMC have been using outage management systems to help speed up outage reporting times and avoid busy signals. By offering outage reporting through our interactive voice response system, or IVR, your REMC gives members the ability to not only report outages much faster but gives information (if known) about active outages. Members can call 1-855-865-2229, option 1, anytime, day or night.

As Orange County REMC grows in members, so do the member service options. Please be sure to take advantage of this newest option and report your outage the fast and easy way!

What should you do if your power goes out?

  1. Check your home’s fuses or breakers.
  2. Check the breakers on the meter pole.
  3. Find out if your neighbors are without power.
  4. Report your outage.