Monument to efficiency

Posted on May 25 2018 in LaGrange County REMC

From left, Rich Starr, Ryan Speicher, Chris Speicher and Owner Wes Speicher of LaGrange Monument Works are awarded a POWER MOVES® rebate for making energy-efficient lighting improvements.

Taking advantage of LaGrange County REMC’s POWER MOVES® rebate program doesn’t have to mean huge renovations or investment, but it does produce big rewards.

LaGrange Monument Works recently transitioned to high efficiency LED tube lights from its older fluorescent bulbs and ballasts. The company then applied to receive a rebate through LaGrange County REMC for its energy efficient decision, earning the business a $628 rebate check from POWER MOVES®. 

While receiving money upfront is a nice incentive, the amount of electricity currently used for lighting will be cut by 50 percent by making the switch, and the new LED bulbs will provide a better quality of light and lessen the amount of bulb and ballast replacements.

For more information on LaGrange County REMC’s energy efficiency rebate programs, visit our website at or contact Energy Advisor Jake Taylor at 877-463-7165.