Member survey planned this fall

Posted on Aug 28 2020 in Orange County REMC
General Manager/CEO

If you receive electric service from the REMC, you’re not just a consumer of our product, you’re also a member of this electric co-op. And the better Orange County REMC understands you, the better we can serve you. That’s why we occasionally survey our members to identify emerging trends in power use.

Research about the types of heating and cooling systems, electronic devices and appliances used by our consumers as well as the consumers’ demographics help Orange County REMC develop plans to provide reliable and efficient electric service throughout our communities. It also helps us develop programs that are of value to you.  

This month and next, an independent research firm will survey a limited number of residential consumer-members through the internet or by telephone to identify emerging trends in power use. If contacted, we would value your participation. Rest assured all of the information is confidential. The research focuses on consumer characteristics including the adoption of newer technologies such as electric cars, LED lighting and mobile technology. 

The research professionals performing the survey adhere to strict confidentiality criteria. You will never be asked for your name, address, account number, banking or credit card information or payment of any type.  

Service to members is our number one priority. We respect your privacy and we encourage you to report to us any problems or questions you may have about the survey by calling the office at 812-865-2229 or toll free, 888-337-5900.

We thank all of our members who participate in this survey and those who have participated in past surveys. Your participation and feedback are essential to helping us better serve you.