Member says ‘thank you’

Posted on Jul 30 2018 in Orange County REMC

Last month, Orange County REMC received this kind note from member Charles Carr:

Last week, my wife, Connie, was going to work. She must work to buy the medicine that I require since my stroke in 2013. Connie experienced a flat tire on our 2001 Volvo while driving on State Hwy. 37 E. With me at home, unable to assist her, she called a service business. While waiting, an REMC truck stopped to offer my anxious wife assistance. WHAT a blessing that these men would offer to help my wife. The tire man arrived and fixed her tire, but the highlight of the day was REMC. “Above and beyond” comes to mind. Thank you, guys!

(Orange County REMC employees who stopped to help were Member Service Technicians Zach Motsinger and Larry Clements.)