Meet three of the Carroll White REMC Junior Board members

Posted on Jan 18 2024 in Carroll White REMC


Taylor Burns is a senior at Twin Lakes High School. She is the daughter of Brian and Heather Burns and lives with her family in Monticello.

“My brother, Nate, was on the Carroll White REMC Junior Board of Directors, and he thought it would be something I would be interested in,” said Burns. “I hope that through this experience I gain information about not only myself, but also about jobs and companies in the community around me while meeting new people.”

“Last year, which was my first year on the board, we did a lot of strength testing and value discovery,” noted Burns. “Like my brother, I would encourage others to join the board because it helps you form skills for your future while keeping you involved in the community where you live.”

Burns is involved in her church, Twin Lakes High School show choir, concert choir, youth philanthropy council, student council, National Honor Society, T.L. Interact, T. L. International, and auditorium crew.

“I would like my fellow junior board members and REMC members to know that I have enjoyed meeting so many different people through this program,” said Burns. “I can’t wait for this year’s experiences.”

Following graduation, Burns plans to attend Grace College. Currently, her major is undecided.


Kylie Unger is a senior at Delphi Community High School and the daughter of Alan and Ericka Unger. She has three sisters, Lexi, Josie, and Ally. The family lives outside of Delphi.

“I had a friend who was on the REMC Junior Board of Directors, and whenever they talked about the experience, I was always interested,” said Unger. “My mother also encouraged me to join the junior board for the great opportunities it presented.”

“I am most excited to learn more about different communities, careers, and business opportunities,” said Unger.

“I thoroughly enjoy learning about other people’s lives and professions, and as a member of the junior board, I have been given the opportunity to do this,” said Unger. “This will help me not only in my future profession, but as a person, to be more accepting and understanding of others.”

Unger has played tennis for six years and is the founder of Agape, a Christian club. She is president of the National Honor Society, president of the Spanish club, student council class representative, president’s club member, and art and book club member. She also serves on the Mayor’s Advisory Council and volunteers for Elara Caring Hospice. Unger’s hobbies include learning sign language, creating birthday cards, and drawing.

“My plans after high school are to obtain my doctorate in nursing and become a Certified Registered Nursing Anesthesiologist in a children’s hospital to help other children like me,” said Unger. “I hope to pursue research in Human Papillomavirus Infection (HPV) to help families all across Indiana.”


Asher Wilson is a Delphi Community High School senior and the son of Peter and Natalie Wilson. He has three sisters, Mia, Felicity, and Cora, and two brothers, Eli and Ethan. The family lives in Delphi.

“I had a friend bring me as his plus one to an REMC Junior Board meeting, and I enjoyed it, so I applied to be a member,” said Wilson. “This has been a great experience in leadership development. It has given me an enhanced perception of the business world and an opportunity for personal growth.

“Through this experience, I have learned that there are many opportunities out there and that it’s my responsibility to put myself in the position to seize them,” said Wilson. “I am so thankful for this board and all the lessons and experiences that I have had as a part of this amazing program.

“I enjoy creating music, reading, and going to the gym,” said Wilson. “I also enjoy doing various backyard sports with my siblings. I swam for three years, but I am not continuing this year to make time for pursing other paths that will help me in the future. I am a member of my youth worship team and lucky to be an employee at Mitchell’s Mex in Delphi.

“I would encourage other high school students to join the CW REMC Junior Board because of how much thought and effort gets put into it by our supervisors, leading to lots of growth and experience that is invaluable to virtually any path you can take in life.”

Upon graduation, Wilson plans to attend Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM) in Redding, California.

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