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Posted on Sep 21 2018 in LaGrange County REMC

As technology evolves and improves, so does LaGrange County REMC’s online presence.

We are launching two new online programs to help you more easily understand your account information, as well as provide transparency when it’s needed most.

The first is our online Member Service Center, an avenue for members to learn more about their electricity use. The second is our interactive outage map, an easy-to-use tool for consumers to see where an outage is occurring in real time and stay updated as power is restored.

Daily Electric Use

Hourly Electric Use (8/26/18)
The newly introduced online Member Service Center provides a visual and interactive overview of your daily and hourly electricity use, so that you can track how much you use throughout each billing cycle.

Member Service Center

You can be more informed than ever about your electricity use with this interactive database, which gives you a look into how much electricity you use, while also helping to keep your payments on time and provide you a record of your billing history.

Simply click on the link to “Pay Your Bill Online” on our website’s homepage to be taken to the Member Service Center, where you’ll register your account if you haven’t already.

After that, you’ll be able to investigate your electricity use under the “My Usage” tab. A graph of your daily use will be available first, but for a more detailed insight into how much electricity you use, click on one of the bars of the graph to see a breakdown of your hourly use on that day. It’s a great way to evaluate your daily energy cost.

Members will be able to edit account information, as well as go paperless with our e-bill system, at the click of a button under the “My Account” tab. You’ll also be able to sign up for auto pay or make a bill payment under the “Payments” section. Under “My Alerts,” we encourage you to set up alerts for everything from high or low use, to service being disconnected or reconnected, to a low balance for those on prepaid metering.

It’s a one-stop resource to keep you informed and invested in the energy you use, right at your fingertips.

LaGrange County REMC’s outage map provides both a detailed account of each outage ­– listed on the Outage Details on the right side of the screen – while also showing a quick glance at the location and extent of the outage by highlighting a map of the area.

Outage Map

With the unpredictable nature of Indiana weather, LaGrange County REMC aims to provide up-to-the-minute updates on local outages with a new online interactive map available on our website.

The outage map can be found by visiting our website,, and clicking on the link located on the homepage.

Once on the map, you’ll be able to see the written details of the outage on the righthand side, including the counties affected, number of members out of power and the total number of members served in that area.

During an outage, the map itself will be color coded to highlight the general area affected by the outage, with a legend provided on the bottom right of the page to indicate how many are without power. You can also click on each county of the map, either in aerial view or road view, for a short summary of the outage.

Providing this timely outage map is our way of keeping you in the light, even when you may be in the dark.