Love Thy Neighbor

Posted on Jul 05 2023 in Jay County REMC
Love Thy Neighbor
Corina Treon, center, receives a donation for the Love Thy Neighbor Project from Mighty Marvels of Jay County.

By Carly Nichols

Setbacks are a uniquely human truth that we all face in life. One area of our lives where setbacks can be overwhelming financially and physically is home maintenance and repair. No one is exempt from a leaky roof or broken floorboards, but not all of us can afford to make our homes safe. These times can feel impossible and leave you unsure of where to turn. If you find yourself in this situation, we highly suggest you reach out for the kindness of a “neighbor.”

Corina Treon, co-owner of Mustard Seed Remodeling, explained her business philosophy this way: “We are a Christian company upholding the value of loving thy neighbor, and this is our way of loving ours.” She (together with her husband and Mustard Seed Remodeling owner, Jon) started the company, knowing from the beginning that they wanted to create an additional component to their business that focused on helping people in times of trouble. “We’ve all needed help at some point in our lives,” Treon said. With this understanding, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Love Thy Neighbor Project was born.

Applicants for the Love Thy Neighbor Project can pick up paperwork throughout the area in and around Jay County, Blackford County, Randolph County and Adams County. Hoosier Coffee, House of Flavors, Jay County Chamber of Commerce, Progressive Del Toro, Clear Choice Chiropractic and Closet Update are a few familiar places you can grab an application. There is also an option on the forms to nominate a recipient if you know someone who would feel uncomfortable applying themself.

Participants submit applications to a five-person board that determines which projects the nonprofit can take on. Many factors determine which project is chosen at any given time. Uncontrollable factors such as weather can decide if it’s the right time of year to start a particular project. However, there are also more tangible components that can be the cause of a delayed project, such as limited funding.

Funding is the most necessary component of projects like these, and it is also the hardest to come by. The Treons have worked tirelessly at fundraising booths, holding online auctions and joining as many vendor events as possible. They are currently collecting items for a fundraiser yard sale at the Engine and Tractor Show.

However, there are other ways to help besides monetary assistance. “Aside from donations, word of mouth and sharing our posts might reach someone who can help,” Treon said. Her heart tells her that the most significant contribution anyone can offer to the Love Thy Neighbor Project is to “pray for this to be successful.”

Because of efforts like those listed previously, the Treons were able to complete their first project in April of this year. The project, for the Culy family, required removing a section of siding, repairing moldy wood beneath and rewrapping the area. The result was a much safer home for this family. Next on deck, they will be helping Gregory Wilmore. He needs a new roof, and the fundraising has begun. 

The Treons will be on the farmer’s stage at the Jay County Fair on July 15 at 6 p.m., hosting an elephant ear eating contest as a fun and entertaining way for the community to contribute. Watch for Tabby Sprunger, Krista Muhlenkamp, Doug Loy, Tyler Manor and more special guests to appear in the contest!