Linemen spotlight

Posted on Apr 01 2024 in Harrison REMC
Harrison REMC lineworkers

Harrison REMC’s linemen play a critical role in contributing to the co-op’s mission to provide reliable, safe, and affordable energy to all co-op members. The job requires them to be out in the middle of the night, working in any type of weather, and often with long hours.

Without linemen, Harrison REMC cannot complete its commitment to members for safe, reliable power. Electric linemen are responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing electric power lines and other equipment used in the distribution and transmission systems.

The cooperative has a dedicated team consisting of:

  • Kyle Armstrong, working foreman
  • William Baelz, lineman
  • Timothy Bland, lineman
  • Nolan Brightman, lineman
  • Rodney Cecil, line foreman
  • Joe Jacobi, lineman
  • Kody Kennedy, lineman
  • Andrew Korte, meter technician/lineman
  • Mark Knies, lineman
  • Roy Leffler, lineman
  • Logan Murphy, apprentice lineman
  • Clayton Nix, lineman
  • Steve Saltsgaver, lineman
  • Derek Saunders, apprentice lineman
  • Randy Schoen, meter technician/lineman
  • Bob Sharp, working foreman
  • Joey Stilger, lineman
  • Rusty Thomas, lineman
  • Kyle Voyles, lineman
  • Jacobb White, lineman
  • Trysten Williams, lineman
  • Jason Windell, working foreman
  • Jacob Zeller, lineman

To perform their jobs successfully, linemen are required to complete ongoing training. One program that Harrison REMC apprentice linemen participate in is a program offered by our power supplier, Hoosier Energy. The HEATS (Hoosier Energy Apprentice Training and Safety) program involves 576 hours of classroom instruction and 8,000 hours of on-the-job training. Before graduating, the lineman is also required to pass various skills tests to become a journeyman. Linemen depend on their training, experience, and one another to get the job done.

In April, we celebrate the linemen with National Linemen Appreciation Day. On this day, we thank them for their commitment, service, and dedication to their profession.