Line inspection tool helps improve grid resiliency

Robotic line crawler speeds up review process, reduces costs

Line inspection tool at work

Hoosier Energy, your co-op’s power provider, routinely inspects grid components, including the conductor that transmits high-voltage power throughout central and southern Indiana. This process is labor-intensive as it requires de-energizing a portion of the grid. Line crews can then safely remove a section of the conductor and send it to a lab to determine if it needs to be replaced.

New robotic technology changes things significantly. 

As Hoosier Energy inspects high-voltage power lines, the co-op is using a robot developed by Kinectrics. This equipment effortlessly glides along the conductor as it collects information in real-time. 

“We are trying to get an idea of what shape our equipment is in. The robot determines if there is enough thickness left in the wire to help us determine if we need to replace that wire or if we can continue to use it for a few more years,” said Luke McKinney, Hoosier Energy senior transmission line design engineer.

The use of technology like this is helping your co-op’s power provider address safety concerns, increase grid resiliency and reduce replacement costs. 

Watch a video of the robot inspection: