Let’s Celebrate! It’s National Co-op Month.

Posted on Oct 22 2023 in WIN Energy REMC
Tom Nowaskie

At WIN Energy REMC, we love a chance to celebrate. This month we are celebrating National Co-op Month! The month is a time to recognize and raise awareness of how cooperatives benefit their members.

If you receive your electricity from WIN Energy REMC, you are a part of our cooperative family. You are not a customer, but our member. As our member, you have the opportunity to attend our annual meeting, vote for our board of directors and receive capital credits. These opportunities only happen when you are a member of an electric cooperative; now that’s a reason to celebrate!

At WIN Energy REMC, you’re able to visit our offices or call and speak to our employees. Employees at WIN Energy REMC live right here in our community. They shop at the same stores, have kids that attend our local schools and some even receive electricity from WIN Energy REMC! Not only are our employees living in the communities we serve, but the members of our board of directors do, too.

WIN Energy REMC prides itself on making a mark within the communities we serve. We are proud to sponsor local organizations and events. Our employees can be seen out in the community, especially in the summer at the county fairs. Employees volunteer their time for those in need, such as helping with tornado restoration efforts this past spring and participating in Indiana Electric Cooperative’s Community Day every October.

At WIN Energy REMC, our members have the opportunity to get cash back. Not only do our members receive capital credits, but members are also able to earn cash back by participating in our rebate program. Our rebate program ranges from electric lawn equipment rebates all the way to geothermal heat pump rebates.

All of these qualities and more set us apart from other electric utility providers. We are proud to serve you and hope you continue to see what makes co-ops different, and the difference co-ops make. Happy National Co-op Month!