Join us for the 82nd annual meeting!

You're invited to attend the virtual annual meeting on March 30

Posted on Mar 08 2021 in Southeastern Indiana REMC
Keith Mathews
General Manager

Join us for Southeastern Indiana REMC’s virtual annual meeting on Tuesday, March 30. The live stream broadcast will begin at 6 p.m. EDT on our Facebook and YouTube channels. 

We are looking forward to providing an update on the progress we have made over the past year and sharing more details about our new products and programs. 

Since we are meeting virtually again this year, the 2021 director election is being conducted electronically and by mail. All members will receive a voting packet in the mail in early March. Members have the option to vote by mail or online through SmartHub. If you choose the mail-in option, please make sure your ballot is mailed in enough time to arrive by March 26. If you choose to vote electronically, you have two options. You may vote through SmartHub online or through the SmartHub app. Instructions for all of these options will be included in the voting packet. The results of the 2021 director election will be announced during the live broadcast on March 30. 

The REMC scholarship winners will also be announced during the live broadcast. Applications will be accepted until March 29 and must be submitted online. For more information, visit our website at

As we reflect on the hard work of the past year, we are grateful for our board’s leadership and their confidence in our team. We are also grateful for you, our members, who put your faith in us and give our work purpose and meaning every day. 

As we embark on the construction of a new headquarters facility and the SEI FIBER division, we know that there will be challenges to tackle. However, we view these challenges as opportunities, knowing that the end-result will improve the quality of life in southeastern Indiana. 

Southeastern Indiana REMC is powered by impassioned cooperative leaders from across our seven-county service territory and a team of hardworking, dedicated employees. Plug into this resource by engaging with us at the annual meeting and throughout the year. 

Our team would love the opportunity to work with you, sharing information about the programs and services we offer our members as well as resources to help you save money and use energy wisely. 

We are more committed than ever to our mission, “to safely provide reliable electricity and diversified services to the members and communities we serve.” 

While there is no substitute for in-person engagement, meeting virtually is a necessity for us again this year as we continue to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. I look forward to connecting with you during the REMC’s 82nd annual meeting live stream broadcast.