Investing in the next generation

Posted on Feb 21 2024 in WIN Energy REMC
Tom Nowaskie

I’ve had people ask me time and time again, “Why does an electric cooperative have youth programs?” My answer is, “It’s our next generation!”

Our mini members have the opportunity to engage with their hometown electric cooperative beginning at a young age. Many of our young members do not take part in our youth programs because they are not aware, or their parents or guardians are not aware, that they exist in the first place. I encourage you to look into some of our youth programs currently accepting applications, such as the Cooperative Calendar of Student Art Contest, Camp Kilowatt, Indiana Youth Tour, and our scholarship program. Other youth programs include Page Day and Youth Power & Hope Awards. Our employees also make a point to be out in the community and participate in safety days, Ag Day, school visits, career fairs, and more. We also love having students visit our office for a tour and to learn more about what we do.

Though it might seem silly for kiddos to participate in our programs now, these opportunities can potentially drive their futures. Our youth programs teach students things such as electrical safety, what career opportunities we offer, and how our members are part owners of the cooperative.

Last year, a high school student spoke to one of our employees at a job fair and came in to job shadow. The student is looking into a future as a lineman. Who’s to say one of our youth participants won’t be a future electric co-op board member or CEO? The options are endless!

Go online to our website,, underneath our “Youth” tab to learn more about our youth programs and to fill out an application. If you’re interested in having our team come for a school visit or career fair, call us at 800-882-5140. It’s our pleasure to serve members of all ages, and we are eager to invest in our next generation. We hope to see your children take part in our youth programs in 2024.