International food etiquette rules

Posted on Aug 01 2015 in General
  • international-food-etiquetteChile: Avoid eating anything with your hands. Chileans are formal with manners to identify with European culture, so make sure to use a knife and fork when eating.
  • France: Don’t eat bread as an appetizer. Save it to eat with your meal or with the cheese course at the end. Place the bread directly on the table, instead of on a plate.
  • India: Avoid eating with your left hand because it’s considered dirty. Use your right hand to touch your plate or pass important objects.
  • Italy: Don’t drink a cappucino after noon. Italians say an afternoon cappucino upsets your stomach and is considered a full meal. Need caffeine? Order an espresso.
  • Mexico: Don’t eat tacos with forks and knives, no matter how messy they are. Mexicans often think eating tacos with silverware looks silly and arrogant.
  • Russia: Never mix or turn down a drink. Offering a drink is a sign of friendship and trust, so take the drink, regardless of preference or time of day.
  • South Korea: If an older person offers you a drink, lift your glass with both hands as a sign of respect for elders. Do not begin eating until the eldest male has started.
  • Thailand: Don’t put food in your mouth with a fork. When eating meals with rice, use the fork to push food onto your spoon. Never use chopsticks when eating rice.