Industry Updates

Posted on Nov 07 2023 in Orange County REMC

Orange County REMC is working in several areas across our service territory, performing system upgrades and maintenance. All REMC crews and contracted personnel carry identification, and their vehicles are marked with our logo. Please keep our crews safe and drive with caution as all this work means extra utility vehicles along roadways.

Pole Testing

Contracted crews are doing pole testing in the Valeene area. The work will include testing 4,300 poles to identify any defects, damage or decay and replace poles as needed.

Brush Control

The REMC crews are continuing right-of-way vegetation management and are now working in the areas south and east of the Mahan substation.

Meter Change-out

We are nearly finished with our five-year plan to upgrade member meters to new digital meters. These new meters require less maintenance and report outages more accurately. Crews are currently working in area served by the French Lick substation. Note that when your meter is changed out, it does cause a brief disruption in service. We appreciate your patience. Contact the REMC office with any questions.