Incentives for energy updates available until Dec. 31

Posted on Dec 03 2019 in Bartholomew County REMC

As a member-owned cooperative, Bartholomew County REMC places a high priority on helping members use energy efficiently. If you have upgraded your home’s HVAC system, heat pump, or water heater the current rebate program is available. 

If you have installed any new HVAC equipment or a new water heater in 2019, please notify us before Dec. 31. Equipment installed in 2019 will not be eligible for rebates in 2020. Proof of purchase along with the brand name, model number and serial number must be provided. Visit for a complete listing of the rebates offered by Bartholomew County REMC and forms needed for submission.

There are still a few tax credits available. Visit for complete details.  IRS Tax Form 5695 will need to be filed along with your 2019 tax returns to receive the tax credit or inform your tax consultant of any energy efficient changes you may have made to your home.