I simply remember these things

Posted on Jun 03 2017 in From the Editor

By Emily Schilling

I’m a perennial list maker and most of what I commit to paper are my “to dos,” also known as “the list that never ends.” I may check stuff off, but, alas, the list continues to grow with new tasks that must be completed, usually ASAP. Therefore, any sense of accomplishment is tempered by the knowledge that this list is never getting any shorter!

But there’s one type of list which I enjoy adding to. And at a time when we’re all so busy that we forget to stop and smell the proverbial roses, we should all pause to ponder, then pencil in our personal picks for this particular list. I call it “Things That Make Me Smile.” You could title it “Things I’m Thankful For” or “What Makes Me Happy.” 

Whatever you call it, when the going gets tough take out your list and, as Maria in the “Sound of Music” would have us do, simply remember your favorite things because, then, you won’t feel so bad.

Things That Make Me Smile

  • Ninety percent off after-Christmas sales. (You must be patient to get the deepest discounts — and I am!)
  • Waking up from a good dream, then going back to sleep and picking up where I left off.
  • Making those dreams come true.
  • Helping someone who needs it.
  • Salted caramel chocolate cupcakes … or, for that matter, salted caramel anything.
  • Listening to ’80s music and guessing just how long the sax solo is going to last.
  • Seeing a full rainbow (pot of gold not required).
  • Greeting cards featuring cute cats lifting weights, surfing or sky diving — or doing just about anything they typically don’t do. (In other words, anything besides eating and sleeping.)
  • Finding a book series that I like — and having a free afternoon to actually read a book.
  • Reading blooper headlines not only makes me smile — it’s one of my few laughter triggers.
  • To love and be loved in return.
  • Hearing from readers like you.

What’s on your list? Drop me a line and let me know what makes you smile.

EMILY SCHILLING is editor of Electric Consumer