I have my doubts

Posted on Dec 30 2021 in From the Editor
Emily shrugging shoulders

It’s fitting that International Skeptics Day may be celebrated on Jan. 13. 

Because some say it takes place on Oct. 13 instead.

Others claim it’s always on the first Friday the 13th of the year.

Or is it really celebrated at all?

The creators of this special day successfully inspired skepticism when setting a date for their holiday … because they didn’t settle on a date at all. Skeptics Day could be any of those days. Talk about appropriate!

Skeptics question everything. That could be a good thing or just plain annoying. You can’t win an argument with a skeptic because what you believe to be true is always debatable. And a good debate is good fun for a skeptic.

Perhaps it can be fun for the non-skeptic as well. On Jan. 13 (or Oct. 13, or the first Friday the 13th of the year), try suspending your idea of reality for the day.

Instead of believing the Earth is a sphere, insist that it’s flat. Convince yourself and others that up is down and vice versa. Use “there,” “their” and “they’re” incorrectly with no apologies because is a grammarian really always right? Question everything — even if the answer seems to be clear. Fight for what you believe in — or don’t really believe in — just because you can. When you do, you might even convince others that this new version of reality is real thus proving just how powerful persuasiveness can be.

I think a day of exercising healthy skepticism could be a great thing. It might allow us to think differently and more creatively. By cultivating doubts, we might even reveal new possibilities.