How to be a rock star

Posted on Jun 01 2021 in From the Editor
Emily painting a rock

Either I’m late to the whole rock painting trend
or I was actually way early.

The summer when I was 10, I found a rock that I thought was shaped like a foot. Immediately, I was inspired to pick up a paintbrush and enhance that resemblance. That was literally my stepping-stone to adorning a handful of other rocks that summer with simple motifs like flowers and bubble letters that spelled “LOVE.” 

Who would have thought that my childhood obsession with rocks would someday roll into a phenomenon rooted in kindness? Through the “Kindness Rocks Project,” anyone can grab a plain ol’ rock and add color, designs and inspirational quotes on it. The fancified stone can then be placed somewhere where it will be found — perhaps just when its discovery could change someone’s day, outlook or even life. 

Interested in rocking some kindness? 

First wash the rocks. Place them in a colander and run some water over them. Then rub each rock with some mild soap to remove any dirt. Rinse again. Place clean rocks on a towel to dry.

Use non-toxic multi-surface or outdoor-rated acrylic paint. Use paint pens to write on the rocks or add details. Be sure to write #thekindnessrocksproject on the back of the rock so the person who finds the rock can share pictures of it on social media.

When you’re finished painting your rock, add a top coat of clear acrylic spray.

Don’t put stickers or googly eyes on your rock as they can be harmful to animals. Also, don’t leave your rocks on others’ property, in national parks or forests, or in places with “Leave No Trace” policies in place.

Visit for more ideas on how you can spread some love one rock at a time.

EMILY SCHILLING is editor of Indiana Connection