How do I cast my vote for the board of directors?

Posted on May 08 2022 in LaGrange County REMC

In mid-May, every member will receive a letter in the mail from LaGrange County REMC. The letter will outline instructions on how you can vote in the 2022 board of directors election. There are two convenient ways in which you can vote — by mail or online.

To vote by mail, simply check the boxes next to your choice of candidate in each district, tear off the ballot portion and mail it in the provided prepaid envelope.

If you have an email address attached to your account, you will receive an email the day the election opens (May 10) to walk you through how to vote online. Otherwise, the ballot sent to each member in May will also include information on how you can vote online, making it even easier to cast your vote.

Mail-in and online ballots will need to be received by 4 p.m. on Thursday, June 9, to be counted.

Regardless of how you choose to vote for the LaGrange County REMC board of directors, every member who votes will receive a $10 bill credit.

Selecting your board of directors is just one benefit of co-op membership.