How can we help?

Posted on Jan 07 2020 in LaGrange County REMC
Photo of Mark Leu

We live in a device-driven world. Our smartphones, tablets, laptops and an assortment of other devices help us communicate and connect. Companies spend billions pushing out a steady drumbeat of messages and information, and we are constantly bombarded with one-way communication. But is anyone listening on the other end?

At LaGrange County REMC, we are not only listening, we are eager to hear from you. Whether you text us, respond to a survey or social media post, send an email or simply stop by and chat in person, we thrive on your feedback. Connecting with you helps us keep pace with our community’s priorities and needs. 

Because we are a cooperative, we have a different way of operating. LaGrange County REMC exists to provide safe, reliable and affordable energy to you, the members of the co-op. Equally important is our mission to enrich the lives of the members we serve. We hope you will consider us more than your energy provider, but instead as a local business that supports this community and powers economic development and prosperity for the people. 

You will notice that throughout the year, we create opportunities for you and other community members to attend co-op gatherings and events in order to hear from you. These include our annual meeting, energy efficiency seminars, member advisory committee and more.

We also routinely conduct surveys to gather feedback so that we can plan for new initiatives, technical upgrades and improvements on existing co-op programs and services. Our planning is led by local members just like you who understand the needs of the community and are looking out for the long-term interests of the larger community.

We are in the midst of significant changes in the energy and communication sectors, as technology and the drive for rural broadband and more renewables are impacting long-term planning. These are complex issues that we will be navigating in the coming months and years. This is why it’s so important that we hear from you and other community members as we plot our course for the future. 

LaGrange County REMC works to continually learn from our members about their priorities so that we can better serve you — because we were built by the community, for the community. But we can only improve, adapt and effectively plan for the future if we have two-way communication. 

For our co-op and community to thrive now and in the future, we depend on hearing from you. I hope you will connect with us and let us know your perspective. You can always reach me directly at 877-463-7165. I’m listening.