Your house may be losing money

Schedule a free energy audit with Orange County REMC!

Posted on Jun 25 2018 in Orange County REMC

Did you know that if you contracted a company to do an comprehensive audit of your home’s energy use, including a blower door test, it would likely cost you $350 plus travel expenses for the technician? Orange County REMC offers this service to our members for FREE!

An energy audit can meet different needs.

What home improvements will be most effective in reducing your energy bills? An energy audit will let you know.

Are you considering a new furnace, air conditioner or rooftop solar system? An energy audit will help you “right-size” these systems and identify complementary measures that will help these large investments work most efficiently.

Are areas of your home sometimes too hot or too cold? An energy audit can identify problem areas and solutions.

Are you considering selling your home? An energy audit can document your home’s efficiency to help improve its resale value.

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