High-efficiency heat pump system delivers bottom-line business savings

Posted on Dec 19 2018 in Orange County REMC

If you’re a business owner looking for ways to cut expenses, your electric cooperative can help. We offer ways to help all our members reduce electric bills, including businesses. Cut heating/cooling costs year-round with rebate incentives on the purchase and installation of a high-efficiency HVAC system.

Consider the expense of heating and cooling your space. Save money with an energy-efficient heat pump that, unlike traditional counterparts, transfers heat rather than generating it. This makes a big difference on energy bills when heating (or cooling) a large area.

You’ll quickly recoup the cost of your investment, too, thanks to the rebate incentives and reduced energy bills. Rebate incentives are available for nearly all sizes and types of equipment for both single-phase and three-phase services.

You can also benefit from incentives for the purchase and installation of energy-efficient lighting, motors and compressed air systems, as well as free, independent coaching to help your business save even more through energy efficiency.

By teaming up with your business for energy savings, Orange County REMC also helps hold down power costs for everyone we serve. Using energy wisely puts money back into your and our members’ pockets. That boosts economic development.

So, be more green by upgrading to an HVAC system that helps your bottom line. Talk with us today or even get pre-approved at TeamUpToSave.com/commercial.