Here For You Crew!

Saluting those who are helping others

Posted on Apr 27 2020 in Features

When the going gets tough, communities come together to meet the challenges.

These last several weeks of pandemic stress and uncertainty have also been a time for countless expressions of hope and humanity. 

We’ve all been encouraged and inspired by stories of people helping people in so many ways. 

That’s why we’re dedicating our July issue to your stories about what you and your neighbors are doing to help others — and what others have done to help you. If you would like to nominate someone for the “Here for You Crew” — our moniker for folks who have made life easier for others in these uncertain times — email your story to or submit it via the form below. Submit photos if you have them. Deadline for submissions is May 21.

Let’s celebrate the spirit that brings all of us strength even in the toughest times!

Here For You Crew
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