Harrison REMC invites you to your annual meeting

TUESday, May 2, at the harrison county fairgrounds & Wednesday, May 3, at the Harrison remc office

Posted on Apr 06 2023 in Harrison REMC
David Lett

Harrison REMC is pleased to invite you to the 85th annual meeting! This year’s annual meeting will give members two options to attend and vote. The first day will be Tuesday, May 2, and members can attend any time from 4 to 7 p.m. at the Harrison County Fairgrounds. This meeting will allow members to gather for a more social event. There will be registration, voting, food, bingo and informational booths. There will be no drive-thru voting option at the fairgrounds.  

On Wednesday, May 3, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., there will be a drive-thru only event at the REMC office in Corydon. On this day, members will register and vote from their cars only.  

Offering these two options gives members the opportunity to choose what works best for them.  

This past year, we’ve experienced growth at the local level, continued excellence in employee safety and price increases in fuel sources for power that applied upward pressure on electricity prices. 

Power costs are rising for electricity throughout the United States. With 74% of every dollar you pay the REMC going toward purchased power, this has a big impact on your bill. At Harrison REMC, we are doing everything we can to avoid cost increases while maintaining the quality of service you deserve and expect. As a member-owned cooperative, we take member dollars seriously. Please visit our website for a graphic that shows how Harrison REMC residential rates compare to others across the country. 

Our local community is benefiting with the expansion of fiber throughout our service territory. To assist with the expansion of fiber, Harrison REMC has been replacing hundreds of poles throughout our system.  The cooperative’s service area has also seen a huge increase in the number of planned subdivisions in Floyd and Harrison counties that will occur over the next several years. We have been working to add new substations to support the development occurring in our system. In late 2021, we completed a new substation in Lanesville, and in late 2023, a new substation will be built near Greenville.

Cooperatives share profits that occurred in past years with members who consumed electricity in those years. In July 2022, we refunded $1 million in capital credits to members who were served in 1986 and in part of 1987. To date, the cooperative has refunded over $12,742,900 to REMC members.

We are happy to report that in 2022, the cooperative was able to achieve Zero Lost Time Work Hours. There is no doubt that employees in our industry endure some rough conditions while restoring service at all hours of the day, and accidents can occur. This milestone could not have been achieved without a dedicated workforce with a strong safety culture.  

The employees at the cooperative work hard to keep your power on and restore that power as quickly as possible. Just remember that safety and protecting our employees is our top priority, so please be patient and understanding when you are without power.  

We are thankful for the members of Harrison REMC and are committed to serve you. We hope to see you at one of the annual meeting days. Please review the April 2023 issue for additional information about the annual meetings, voting options, bill credits and more.

David C. Lett
CEO, Harrison REMC