Happy New Year!

Posted on Dec 19 2018 in Harrison REMC

David Lett

I, along with the directors and employees of Harrison REMC, wish you all a happy and prosperous 2019. I would also like to thank all members for giving Harrison REMC the opportunity to serve you as your electric cooperative. Below I have put together a few items that are going on at Harrison REMC.

Energy Efficiency/Rebates

Harrison REMC offers many ways to help members save on new heating/cooling equipment. Be sure to check out page 7 to see some of the rebates for this year. We will also continue to offer the online residential lighting store. By using the store, you can save up to $3 for small LED lamps and $6 for reflector or specialty lamps.

2019 Annual meeting

This year, members will again receive their annual meeting notice and registration in a “wrap” around the March issue of this magazine. Even if you have chosen to get this magazine via email, you will also receive it by mail the month of March. Please be sure to remove your registration card to use for admission to the annual meeting in April.

Lend a Hand

I want to again thank those who give so generously to Harrison REMC’s Lend A Hand program. The Electric Assistance Program is designed to help REMC members who are below 150 percent of the poverty level pay their electric bills in times of need. Each member donation will be matched by equal funds from Harrison REMC, and all contributions made to the REMC Electric Assistance Program are tax deductible. Local county community service agencies distribute the funds from the REMC Electric Assistance Program to provide direct service assistance to REMC members. Since Harrison REMC serves parts of five southern Indiana counties, contributions are distributed in the county from which they were received.

Thank you again for allowing Harrison REMC to serve you, the members. We look forward to continuing to provide you with safe, reliable power, while also improving the quality of life of member-owners by promoting community, economic development and energy-efficient activities.

David Lett