Goodwill hunting

Posted on Sep 02 2018 in From the Editor
Emily with old first aid kit

By Emily Schilling

Some shop because they have to — their shopping list rarely strays from just “the necessities.” For others, shopping is a hobby — something to do to while away a free Saturday. 

I, though, shop for the thrill of a bargain. Show me a 70 percent off sign, and I’m off and running toward it. I instinctively know when the best seasonal sales are and I can whip out coupons as quickly as I can pull out a credit card.

So I could really relate to this month’s cover story about Mike and Tammy Martin, and Kim Gray, who have uncovered treasures at one of my favorite bargain haunts, Goodwill. 

You never know what you’ll encounter when you enter a Goodwill but more often than not you’ll find something that amuses or intrigues you without impacting your budget too much.

My favorite Goodwill purchases — all acquired for $5 or less — have included a high-end store black velvet jacket that I’ve worn to numerous cocktail-attire functions, an Oriental rug, an antique bookcase, and a vintage metal first aid kit. While vacationing in Stratford, Ontario, last year, my husband and I happened upon a Goodwill where a favorable U.S.-Canada exchange rate made the New York and London canvas prints we purchased less than $2 a piece. At other Goodwills, I’ve scooped up rolls of never-opened Christmas wrapping paper, beautifully crafted Indian saris and a cute evening bag. 

Did I actually need everything I bought? Admittedly, no. And perhaps one day, my thrifty finds will end back up at another Goodwill. But for now one person’s trash is my treasure, and this gal is all about treasure hunting!

EMILY SCHILLING is editor of Electric Consumer