Give us your feedback

Posted on Sep 05 2022 in Jay County REMC

Did you attend our annual meeting this year or take advantage of the opportunity to vote early in our lobby? We would love to receive your feedback.

Our annual meeting format was changed drastically this year. Board of directors voting was offered in the office and during a day at the Jay County Fair for those attending our business meeting. 

This format seemed to work well and over 100 members came out to vote during the fair. It was wonderful to see everyone in person, and we had good feedback on our live line demonstrations and our exhibition tables.

But, we want to know what you thought. Go to to fill out the official annual meeting survey. 

Let us know what you liked and what you didn’t. Any member who turns in a survey will automatically be entered to win a bill credit. You can win one of six $10 credits, four $20 credits, two $30 credits, and one $50 credit. Make sure you put your name, account number, and phone number at the end of the survey so that if we pull your information we are able to contact you. Or if you prefer there will be a paper survey that you can fill out in your bill this month. Simply fill out the survey and mail it back in with your payment to be entered into the drawing.

Deadline to enter your survey is Sept. 30. Any received after this date will not be eligible for the bill credit drawings. Thanks again for participating in the membership process and helping us make decisions for our annual meeting for 2023!