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Posted on Jan 24 2018 in Boone REMC

Chat with a Boone REMC representative about the Co-op Solar program at the co-op’s annual meeting Saturday, March 10, at Lebanon High School. Information booths will be open 8:15-10 a.m.

Since Co-op Solar was launched in the fall, getting a “piece of the sun” has never been easier.

This program — a partnership of REMCs throughout the northern half of Indiana, and with electric co-ops in Illinois and Missouri — makes it easy for Boone REMC members to use solar energy without the cost or hassle of rooftop solar. When you participate in Co-op Solar, you purchase a “share” of solar power. There’s no equipment to buy or maintain and nothing to install.

Here are answers to a few frequently asked questions:

Where are the arrays?

Our arrays are located in Peru, Wanatah and Danville in Indiana, as well as Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, and Paris, Illinois.

How does the solar power get to my home?

When solar power is added to the power grid, that electricity becomes indistinguishable from energy produced by other sources. But as more solar power is added to the grid, we can lessen our reliance on fossil fuels. And we ensure that Co-op Solar dollars directly support solar generation. Check out an interactive explanation at

How much does it cost?

Energy purchased through Co-op Solar costs 44 cents per share per month in addition to the cooperative’s standard rates and charges. You can select up to 100 percent of your expected electric use, not to exceed 83 shares per month.

How much of the time do the solar panels work?

Unlike other sources of energy, solar power is intermittent and does not produce (or is reduced) during nighttime hours, cloudy weather, or when temperatures are too hot. These factors, along with the seasonal angle of the sun hitting the arrays, determine how much solar output is produced at a given time.

Each share is estimated to produce an average of 43 kilowatt-hours per month. You can use the online dashboard to see how much energy the arrays are producing at

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Boone REMC also offers EnviroWatts, which allows members to voluntarily support a variety of alternative energy sources, not just solar. You pay 1.5 cents more per kilowatt-hour. This premium helps fund development of alternative energy sources like landfill gas and wind.

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