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Consider running for your board of directors

Posted on Mar 05 2020 in LaGrange County REMC

LaGrange County REMC is led by you.

If you want to be in the room where decisions regarding the future of the cooperative are made, now is the time to pick up and complete a petition for a seat on our board of directors.

The board is made up of seven individuals who represent their fellow members in his or her respective district. One of those could be you.

There are two districts up for election at this year’s LaGrange County REMC Annual Meeting, and they include:

District 1: Currently represented by Larry Fetters, this district is made up of the northwest portion of our territory, including all of Van Buren and Lima townships and parts of Newbury and Clay townships.

District 2: Currently represented by Terry Holsinger, this district covers the northeast portion of our territory, including all of Greenfield and Springfield townships, part of Milford Township and the Steuben County extension into Millgrove, Jackson and Salem townships.

To run for election, qualified members of LaGrange County REMC, who live in Districts 1 or 2, must file a petition with the signatures of 50 LaGrange County REMC members supporting the candidacy. 

The REMC will provide the petitions for election, as well as other board information, and completed petitions and biographical information must be returned to the cooperative no later than April 10.

Candidates will stand for election at the annual meeting, which this year will take place on Friday, June 12, at LaGrange County REMC headquarters.

For more information about the board of directors’ election process, stop by the office or call us at 877-463-7165.

LaGrange County REMC District Map