Future planning

Posted on Jun 25 2018 in LaGrange County REMC

Mark Leu

Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, planning for the LaGrange County REMC Annual Meeting begins months in advance. Important work takes time, and, in our case, that means weeks spent coordinating vendors, local organizations and employees to provide an event that both celebrates you, our members, and gives you the opportunity to vote for the co-op’s leadership.

This same commitment is employed by our board of directors when it makes decisions for the cooperative. In listening to feedback from our members, our directors methodically work to create positive changes and choices for the future of the cooperative, while maintaining the reliable, affordable and safe electricity provided to you.

As we’re busy putting everything away for next year’s meeting, we’re also taking the time to share comments we heard during the event, make notes on how to improve and show appreciation for the support we receive from the community we belong to and serve.

Thank you to the nearly 1,300 members who attended this year’s meeting. Everyone seemed to have a great time learning about our cooperative’s programs, visiting local organizations’ booths and spending time with other members of the community. Annual meetings are like a great big reunion, with small groups of acquaintances gathered at the REMC to talk and catch up on each other’s lives since the last time they were together.

Our employees, myself included, enjoy seeing members we’ve met through the years, which also include our own neighbors, friends and family members. It’s a privilege being a part of the same community we serve, and the spirit of the community never grows old.

That spirit was reflected in the active engagement we saw from our members when it came to the election of our board of directors. Members voted to elect incumbent directors Jeff Hampshire (District 3) and Clifford Hibbs (District 4) to continue to represent their districts. Congratulations to both Jeff and Cliff!

You voted for folks just like you, from our community, who will now provide guidance to co-op leadership on a myriad of issues and decisions both short-term and long-term.

LaGrange County REMC, like other types of co-ops, originated to serve a need that was not being met by traditional for-profit electric companies. We make decisions based on long-term thinking: What decisions will benefit our community as a whole?

Everyone has valuable, diverse experiences that inform their decision-making process. You may have a different view than your neighbor, but together, those perspectives provide a more balanced view of the community we belong to and serve.

Thank you for helping to lead LaGrange County REMC into the future through your vote!

For more information about the annual meeting, take a look at the following pages for pictures of those who attended and a recap of the big event. You may even see a familiar face!