Five tips for nailing home remodeling projects

Posted on Jan 28 2023 in Features
Home remodeling

Thinking of starting a new DIY or home remodeling project? Before you begin, here are some quick tips and tricks to keep in mind to make your work go as smoothly and successfully as possible.

Keep it simple

It’s a good idea to set realistic targets for what you’d like to accomplish. If you’re a novice at DIY projects, try starting with a task that you can tackle in just a day or two.

Make a budget

Creating — and sticking to — a budget is an important part of any remodeling project. You should also plan to have a contingency fund for any unexpected costs.

Get your supplies ready

Try to pre-order as many supplies as you can beforehand so that you’ll have them on hand when you start work; that will save time and help you avoid making multiple trips to the hardware store.

Remember the power of paint

If you want to make a quick improvement to your home, don’t forget how transformative a couple of coats of inexpensive paint can be. For example, if your ceilings are on the low side, paint them white to make the room feel taller and more open.

Leave electrical work to the experts

To avoid electrocution and fires, it’s smart to leave tasks like home rewiring, breaker box replacement and electrical outlet updating to trained professionals.