Fairness for all

Rate change needed for equity among member classes

Posted on Jul 26 2019 in LaGrange County REMC

Reliability. Fairness. Honesty.

These are the values we live and work by in making sure we provide the best electric service possible to you, our members.

It’s our job to make sure we provide reliable service at the most affordable price, and in doing so, we are consistently evaluating if we’re doing this to the best of our ability and fairly among all of our members.

On average, we serve about 10 customers per mile of line. This means we need to be able to do more with less revenue than our investor-owned counterparts, which average more than 30 members per mile of line.

Maintaining and improving 600 miles of line in less populous areas means more of a fiscal responsibility for our members, but in turn, we’re able to provide you with exceptional reliability and efficiency. 

When we take care of our lines, we take care of you. The better maintained our lines are, the less outages you can expect, saving you an unnecessary headache when you’re in the middle of baking that carrot cake or watching the big game.

This responsibility will mean a change in rates beginning in October.

Our residential service charge will increase to $35. That flat fee allows us to take care of our system, regardless of how much electricity is used, because ultimately the poles, lines and other electrical equipment will exist whether more or less power is carried through them. It will also ensure excellent customer service by allowing us to stay at the forefront of the billing, administration and mapping industries.

To offset that increased cost, the first 100 kWh cost will be eliminated and go to a flat charge for each kilowatt-hour used. In doing so, the balance of the two changes should result in most residents seeing little to no change in their monthly bill. For the average member, it will be an increase of around $2 a month.

Your electricity use will determine how the change affects your bill. To help in keeping your costs low, our energy advisor, Jake Taylor, is available to conduct free energy audits of your home to suggest energy efficiency upgrades or as a resource for overall home and business efficiency.

You can also visit our website, lagrangeremc.com, under the “Together We Save” tab, to learn more about energy savings around the home.

The rate design will affect different member classes differently (see next page). In two pages, we aren’t able to outline every detail of the change. Please visit our website under “Rates & Policies” for more details on how this will impact your specific situation, whether commercial, distributed generation or residential.