Empowering our communities

Posted on May 05 2022 in Southern Indiana Power
Operation Round Up logo

Members of Southern Indiana Power donated $15,043 to five local charities/community projects, as well as four scholarships through the cooperative’s Operation Round Up program. About 65% of members round up their electric bills and donate the spare change to this fund, making a huge impact in our Southern Indiana communities.

A board of trustees, composed of cooperative members and separate from the Southern Indiana Power board of trustees, oversees the allocation process. The latest donations from the Operation Round Up program are above and as follows:


Roger Hunter III, $500 — University of Southern Indiana/Southridge High School

Evan Lovell, $500 — Purdue University/South Spencer High School

Andrew Daming, $500 —Indiana State University/South Spencer High School

Claire Snyder, $500 — University of Dayton/Heritage Hills High School

Thank you to our members who are participating in this progam and who are making a difference in our communities. Individuals or organizations can participate online at southernindianapower.com. Click on “Community” and then “Operation Round Up.”

Operation Round Up map