Employee recognition

Posted on Feb 02 2020 in Harrison REMC
CEO David Lett (right) recognized employees’ service to Harrison REMC. Pictured from left are Billy Baelz, Joey Stilger, Clayton Nix and Keith Lieber. Perry Fraze and Roy Leffler also received recognition but were not in attendance.

Harrison REMC recently honored employees with milestone anniversaries at its annual employee event. Employees reaching a milestone included:

20 Years

  • Billy Baelz, lineman
  • Perry Fraze, field services manager
  • Roy Leffler, lineman

5 Years

  • Keith Lieber, accounting manager
  • Clayton Nix, lineman
  • Joey Stilger, lineman

“Thank you to all the employees for their hard work and commitment to the membership,” said David Lett, CEO. “I also want to acknowledge that the co-op has had six years of no lost time. This feat shows the commitment by everyone that safety is always at the forefront of what we do.”