How electricity is generated from landfill methane

The flick of a switch is all it takes to turn the lights on, but how does that energy get from the generation source to your home?

Electricity is generated by Hoosier Energy — your electric co-op’s power provider based in Bloomington.

The process begins by generating electricity from a variety of resources including renewable energy. That energy is then raised, or stepped up, to make the journey from the generating source, to the regional grid system, to your local electric cooperative where the electric voltage is lowered before being sent to your home.

This month highlights how electricity is generated from methane gas released from decomposing material at active landfills.

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Video shows how landfill methane plants work

In the video below, Heath Norrick, manager of renewable energy at Hoosier Energy, shows you how methane from active landfills is captured and used to generate electricity.