Efficiencies can add up fast — and show up on your monthly bill

Posted on Jan 05 2021 in Boone REMC
Attic photo
An energy audit of your home by Boone REMC can help detect areas where your home can be more energy efficient, including the attic.

We offer free in-home energy evaluations. Boone REMC’s Energy Advisors will show you easy ways to make your home more energy efficient. Though we are not currently doing in-home inspections, we can help you identify opportunities to make efficiency improvements throughout your home, attic, and basement.

We’ll give you a list of our best recommendations to help you save energy.

Rex Princell has been performing energy assessments for more than 25 years. He’ll put his expertise to work helping you find the best ways to make your home more energy efficient. Matt Walters has been with Boone REMC for 15 years. He will work with members to find the right answers.

If you think your home or business could benefit from a more in-depth energy efficiency analysis, you may want to schedule an efficiency inspection. Boone REMC offers this service for $100 December through February, as weather and COVID restrictions permit. During an efficiency inspection, our technician will use an infrared and standard digital camera to identify key problem areas that could be costing you money.

We’ll also inspect the interior and exterior, attic, basement, and/or crawl space to check your insulation levels and look for ductwork issues, as well as building envelope problems that could increase your bill. And at the end of our inspection, you’ll receive a detailed report that can help you improve comfort, and reduce your energy bills.