EDC launches new living section of its website

Posted on Jul 01 2021 in Boone REMC

Boone County Economic Development Corporation launched a new dedicated area of its site and lifestyle brand in February. The purpose of this site was to give an inside look into what it’s like to live, work, and play in Boone County. 

“We found there was no better voice to advocate for our county than our residents, so much of the content is created by Boone County residents and business owners,” Chassity Neckers, director of marketing and communications, said.  “The site includes information on things to do as well as information about our communities, schools, and more.”

The creation of Boone Living, according to Neckers, serves to support businesses and talent attraction efforts. 

“We desired a way to show potential businesses and employers what Boone County was like, what makes us different and this was a perfect outlet for that. We also know that post-pandemic people have more flexibility over where they choose to live and work. There are several studies suggesting a trend that people are looking to move outside of cities to more rural communities,” Neckers said. 

With Boone County’s ideal location, it is prime for this type of attraction. If people could live and work anywhere, the Boone County EDC wants that place to be Boone County. 

The goal for this new lifestyle brand is to provide a consistent place for current residents and business owners to find information about the communities that they call home, as well as an opportunity to highlight what Boone County has to offer to potential residents and businesses. 

“Over the coming months you’ll see even more content being posted around summer activities and local business features,” Neckers said.