Dressed for success

Posted on Sep 19 2018 in General

Regular readers of my column won’t be surprised by this revelation: I like to dress up for Halloween. If I’m confident enough to show 274,000 readers what I look like in clown makeup (see August issue), of course I’m game to wear a silly costume to work! 

For years, the Electric Consumer staff took top “group costume” honors at the annual office Halloween party and pitch-in. The party had always been cohosted by Indiana Electric Cooperatives and Wabash Valley Power Association, which for years shared the office building with us. Our award-winning costumes were always handmade, utilizing lots of creativity but very little — if any — money. 

One year we were the components of “s’mores.” (See above.) I wore a cardboard placard hand colored to look like a graham cracker. Others were dressed as a chocolate bar and a marshmallow. We made our grand entrance in sequential order (cracker, chocolate, marshmallow, cracker), followed by a Boy Scout with a skewer and a costumed depiction of fire. 

Another year, we recreated the iconic scene from “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” in which the Peanuts gang go trick or treating. All it took were white sheets and a few props. 

In a nod to the popularity of social media, we were “social butterflies” several Halloweens ago, wearing garb to represent Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest — and butterfly wings. What will we dress up as this year? I’ve already got my thinking cap on and scissors, markers and glue gun ready. Let the fun begin! (BTW — another office Halloween party tradition is my famous “BOO-ffalo Chicken Dip.” Email me at eschilling@ElectricConsumer.org if you want my recipe, a perennial crowd favorite!)