District meetings: A time to hear from members

Posted on Sep 26 2017 in Orange County REMC


Matthew C. Deaton

Last fall, Orange County REMC brought back an event from the past, as we held district member meetings. Several other co-ops have also resurrected this practice, as these meetings allow cooperative employees to interact with members on a smaller scale than our annual meeting. District meetings allow members to directly communicate their thoughts, ideas and concerns with us. These meetings also offer a forum for us to update members on upcoming issues and projects we are working on.

This month, members selected at random will receive an invitation to join us one evening during the week of Nov. 13 to discuss topics and voice praise and concerns with cooperative leadership. Our time together will include a meal, an information session in which members will hear from senior staff and me, and, of course, an opportunity for members to ask questions and interact with us.

Orange County REMC District 6 Director Brian Hawkins spoke with members after the meal at one of last year’s district meetings. This year’s meetings will be held Nov. 13-17 at the Orange County Community Center in Paoli.

We will brief members on current legislative issues and potential impacts, as well as other upcoming considerations and projects of the cooperative, including broadband internet service.

The size of the sessions is designed to be small to allow focused discussions. We want to provide all members an opportunity to attend. If you received an invitation to a district meeting last year and attended, you will not receive an invitation this year. Selected members will receive an invitation approximately 30 days before their specific session and are asked to RSVP to help us plan for the district meeting efficiently. We are striving to obtain 50-75 members at each session.

Be on the lookout for your invitation later this month. The meetings will be held Nov. 13-17 at the Orange County Community Center in Paoli and will include a catered meal, important information and great company.

Matthew C. Deaton
General Manager/CEO