Cold spots in your home?

Check for air leaks, poor insulation

Posted on Dec 28 2022 in Features, Heartland REMC
Man in cold house

If some rooms in your house are too cold while others are too hot, you might need more insulation in your attic. Cold air that seeps into your attic doesn’t have to find its way into your living space. Adequate attic insulation, properly installed, can catch it. 

If your floor is unusually cold, check the insulation level in your basement or crawl space. Just as cold air in the attic doesn’t have to make your home cold, neither does air from the crawl space. 

If your heating bill shows a sudden spike, it’s possible your home’s ductwork has cracks or kinks or is missing some of its insulation. Ask your HVAC technician to crawl up in your attic and have a look. 

If some rooms in your home are drafty, that could mean the insulation level in the walls is too low or that cold air is leaking into your home through windows or wall penetrations around electric outlets. Seal wall penetrations with caulk, weatherstrip your doors and apply plastic over windows.