Co-op Careers: How to stand out in the crowd

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Five years ago, Tina Dixon joined Hoosier Energy’s human resources department. With over 20 years of experience today, Dixon helps the electric cooperative connect job applicants to available positions. She is on the frontline of seeing the Hoosier Energy workforce being built and how it is adapting to change.  

“Through my experience at Hoosier Energy what stands out to me, beyond working with intelligent and respectful people, is that the company places safety in high regard,” Dixon said.  

She also says that the career growth, education and training opportunities for employees are excellent.

Putting your best foot forward

The first step toward an electric co-op career is finding an open position. Dixon discusses this and a few other common questions to help applicants take the next step in their career. 

Where can candidates find Hoosier Energy job openings?

Dixon: Candidates can easily find open positions at
Some jobs are also be posted on LinkedIn.

How will candidates know they have successfully applied?

Dixon: Those who submit an application will receive a confirmation email that the application has been successfully submitted. If they are a good match for the position, we will then contact them.

What are common mistakes that you see from applicants?

Dixon: I often see applicants not being as thorough as they should be when applying for a job. From grammatical and spelling errors to not providing enough detailed background information on their work experience. This can reduce the likelihood that they will move forward in the interview process.

What can applicants do to differentiate themselves?

Dixon: One way candidates can stand out is to highlight the work they have done and how that relates to the job available. Connecting specific work experience and putting that on the resume they submit can help a lot.

Hoosier Energy’s workforce helps its 18 member cooperatives succeed. With a 1,700-mile transmission network and an energy portfolio of coal, natural gas and renewable energy resources, the cooperative provides wholesale power and services to its members. If you are interested in electric utilities and the cooperative business model, visit for more information.