Celebrating the cooperative spirit

Posted on Sep 26 2017 in Harrison REMC

David Lett

As the nation’s 30,000 cooperatives celebrate National Co-op Month in October, it is a great time to take a look back — and a look forward.

Harrison REMC was founded when neighbors worked together to bring electricity to the rural communities. Big investor-owned power companies thought they couldn’t generate enough profit so they bypassed the rural areas.

Back then, there were frequent meetings among neighbors to discuss the formation of the cooperative. Once established, annual meetings were “must attend” events.

This coming April at the annual meeting, we will be celebrating 80 years of serving the members of Harrison REMC. While times and technology will continue to change, our commitment to you will not. The following are some good things going on at the cooperative.

Members enjoy bingo at Member Appreciation Day.

Member Appreciation Day

This was our ninth member appreciation day! Every year, we look forward to the day we can celebrate the members of Harrison REMC. The day was busy and fun-filled for everyone. I am sure the children enjoyed the bounce toys, and others enjoyed the very popular bingo! There was plenty of food and drinks, and it looked like a good time was had by everyone. This event is a great way to connect to members and answer questions they may have regarding their electric services and energy needs. We look forward to seeing everyone next year!

Discount LED and CFL bulbs

Harrison REMC, along with our power supplier, Hoosier Energy, is offering a discount to members on specialty CFL and LED bulbs. These discounts significantly lower the price of each bulb more than any other retail store offers.

Members can go online to www.harrisonremc.com and click on the products tab and go to the Co-op Lighting Store. Choose your bulbs and the discount is applied at checkout. There is a minimum order of six bulbs, and shipping is free. We hope all members will take advantage of this great savings.

Youth opportunities

We will begin accepting applications for the Indiana Youth Tour to Washington, D.C.; Touchstone Energy Camp; Page Day; and scholarships for high school seniors. Applications for Youth Tour and Touchstone Energy Camp are due Feb. 15. We are thankful we can offer these opportunities to our young people. Turn to page 8 for more information.

Cooperatives are special. We have an obligation to provide reliable, affordable and safe electricity, but we take that a step further. We also have a responsibility to support our members, enrich schools and enhance our communities. That’s what we celebrate each October.