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Spring into safety on the farm

Posted on Mar 23, 2022 in Safety

Planting season is here for many of the state’s roughly 94,000 farmers. While you prepare to plant the crops that help feed the world, Indiana’s electric cooperatives remind you to keep safety in mind — especially when working around electricity. According to the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 62 farm workers… Continue reading.

Hit a pole? Stay in the car.

Posted on Jan 25, 2022 in Safety

On a late wintry Saturday afternoon, Nick and Blake decided to take Nick’s car to a movie — despite falling snow and parental advice to stay home. Moments later, where the county road zigged and zagged a mile past their neighborhood, Nick’s car did neither. It slid straight off and bumped into an electric cooperative… Continue reading.

Heed the dangers of backup generators

Posted on Nov 28, 2021 in Safety

If your white Christmas goes dark from an electrical blackout, an electric generator can be a great resource for homeowners, especially if the storm and damage is severe and the outage is prolonged. But small portable generators pose risks homeowners need to guard against: carbon monoxide poisoning, electrocution or electric shock, and fire. Risk #1:… Continue reading.

Hunt what’s in season

Posted on Oct 27, 2021 in Safety

Hunting season brings outdoorsmen of all skill levels and experience into rural Indiana, often to unfamiliar areas. While most hunters follow safe hunting practices, Indiana’s electric cooperatives remind all those afield to be mindful of their surroundings and to be aware of  electric power lines and equipment in the air and electrical equipment on the… Continue reading.

Electrical overloads: Unloading the circuit

Posted on Sep 26, 2021 in Safety

When Ralphie Parker’s “old man” attempts to plug his “major award” — the infamous plastic leg lamp — into an overloaded wall outlet in the classic movie “A Christmas Story,” there first came a “snap of a few sparks” and the “whiff of ozone” before the lamp blazed forth in the living room front window…. Continue reading.

Take care when charging your electric vehicle

Posted on Aug 25, 2021 in Safety

Do you recall all the safety rules you were taught about refueling when you first learned to drive: Shut off the engine; don’t smoke; don’t leave the pump unattended; don’t overfill? If you are among the growing number of drivers sliding in behind the wheel of an electric vehicle, different “refueling” considerations apply.  The most… Continue reading.

Life lessons

Posted on Jul 26, 2021 in Safety

The school bus stop is a place where friendships can be forged for life. But there are also hazards children should be aware of.  Distracted drivers who don’t see or choose to ignore the stopped school bus lights are something children all need to watch for as they stand on the curb or cross the… Continue reading.

Electrical receptacle safety

Posted on Jun 26, 2021 in Safety

An electrical receptacle, with its oval shape and tiny symmetrical slots over the little round hole, can look like an emoji of a face to imaginative children. Look closer, and it’s the emoji of a shocked face. And shock is what outlets can do if a child, left unsupervised, inserts a paper clip, coin, key,… Continue reading.

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