Carroll White REMC Recognizes Junior Board of Directors 2023–2024

Posted on Jan 18 2024 in Carroll White REMC
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Carroll White REMC is pleased to recognize this year’s junior board members in a series of articles. REMC’s employees and board of directors place a high priority on working with youth in our community.

“Being a member of the Carroll White REMC Junior Board of Directors is an opportunity to contribute to your community and build leadership skills for yourself, propelling you through your education and future career,” said Casey Crabb, Carroll White REMC communications and public relations manager. “REMC gives high school juniors and seniors in our service territory an interactive, hands-on experience to learn about the cooperative principles, such as giving back to the community.”

“Junior board members have the opportunity to meet with local businesses, community leaders, and non-profit organizations,” continued Crabb. “The students learn about Carroll White REMC, career opportunities, governance, and collaboration. Meeting students from the area is perhaps one of the biggest perks of being on the REMC Junior Board. The bonds and friendships the members create continue long after the program.”

Recently, the REMC Junior Board members were privileged to have the Delphi Mayor Anita Werling, as a guest speaker. Werling is a sterling example of a dedicated public servant. She talked about making decisions in city government and discussed plans for future growth for the City of Delphi and Carroll County.

Werling is a key contributor to Carroll County’s historical preservation. “It was a valuable learning experience for students to hear from the Mayor,” said Crabb. “Learning how local decisions are made and how to work together to get projects accomplished is a life-long journey.”