Capital credits update

Posted on Dec 11 2022 in LaGrange County REMC

As a not-for-profit electric cooperative, LaGrange County REMC allocates any excess revenue above expenses (known as margins) back to our members and keeps an ongoing record of each member’s share of those margins — called capital credits. 

Your co-op uses the funds from capital credits to invest in the growth and upkeep of your REMC and now, telecommunications infrastructure.  

Occasionally, the co-op’s board of directors, after careful consideration of our financial position, returns a portion of those capital credits back to our members (we call this return “retirement”). Many of you have gotten used to receiving a bill credit or check every year around this season as the board had consistently done annual retirements of some capital credits each year. 

However, like last year, LaGrange County REMC will delay retiring capital credits for at least another year as we are using all our available resources to invest in the construction of our high-speed broadband fiber optic network.

We believe our investment in this fiber network will bring incredible long-term benefits to every member of our community for generations to come and are confident in our decision to direct resources to our fiber build. We know our members are also excited to enjoy everything a reliable, fast internet connection can offer.