Capital credit change

Capital credits for current member will now be distributed as a bill credit.

Posted on Oct 07 2021 in Bartholomew County REMC

Starting this December, capital credits returned to current members will be distributed as one bill credit, accounting for both BCREMC and Hoosier Energy capital credits. This change was made to reduce postage and administrative costs to mail checks to members. If a member has multiple accounts, the account with the highest balance will be credited first.

Checks will no longer be sent to current members. However, those who are no longer members will receive a check in the mail to the last known mailing address. If you move off the BCREMC system, it is important to keep us informed of your current address so future checks can be mailed.

Applying bill credits to current members will prevent writing and mailing over 4,000 checks per year. Thank you for your understanding as we reduce costs to keep rates as low as possible.