Camping Watt?

Power the avid campers in your life with energy-efficient gifts this holiday season.

Camping gear

The falling autumn leaves will soon give way to falling snowflakes and carolers singing our way into the holiday season. While it may seem like an odd time to plan outdoor getaways, it’s the right time for gifts that will help avid campers get ahead! Technology has led to some unique possibilities offering comfort (and electricity) in far-flung locations for those on your gift list this year. 

New portable electronic devices and appliances are regularly hitting the market, offering new possibilities for campers to enjoy. Learn more about new electronics that can leave your gift recipients beaming this holiday season.

Solar Panel and Battery Kit: 

A great idea that offers versatility! A variety of portable batteries are available to enable campers to charge devices such as cell phones, laptops and other small electronics. Companies such as Jackery offer portable batteries and  solar panels that can be combined so the battery can be charged when not in use. Batteries and solar panels with larger capacity carry a larger price tag. Yet if you’re shopping for an avid outdoor enthusiast, the larger storage capacity (which allows for use of more devices) may be a worthwhile investment.

Solar Lantern or Rechargeable Flashlight:

The evolution of solar power means that a variety of devices can be charged. Energy-efficient lanterns and  flashlights incorporate LEDs, which are more energy efficient and emit brighter light than older generation flashlights. Solar lanterns are rechargeable when exposed to sunlight. Other kinds of rechargeable flashlights can be plugged into a wall outlet or portable battery and recharge to provide invaluable illumination on dark nights.

Induction Cooktop: 

This device provides a unique alternative to campfire cooking. A portable induction stovetop can be taken to a campsite as an energy-efficient way to heat food in a pan. It will need an electrical power source (maybe  a larger battery such as a Jackery system), to ensure that the watt requirements of the induction cooktop can be met by the portable battery. Yet for someone who wants to pack different kinds of food to a campsite, an induction cooktop may be the way to go.