Calling 811 before yard projects? Dig It.

Posted on May 25 2024 in Tipmont
Grass underground
Ron Holcomb

Now that the weather has (consistently) improved and outdoor projects are top of mind, it’s a good time to remember: Always call 811 or visit before digging, no matter how minor your project may be.

Indiana law requires that you call 811 or visit to schedule utility marking at least two full working days before you dig. Indiana 811 will mark buried utility lines on your property — like water, gas, and Tipmont electricity and fiber internet — so you can dig with safety and confidence. If you need to locate private lines, such as for a security system or invisible fence, Tipmont recommends engaging a paid provider to mark those lines.

It is always free to call Indiana 811 and have them mark public utilities on your property. Cutting a Tipmont fiber line, or another utility line, if you don’t? Well, that can get costly.

Cutting a fiber line can cost between $1,500 and $25,000, and those are conservative estimates on time, material, and labor required. On average, Tipmont applies 35 working hours toward fiber repairs each week, so it’s important to avoid hitting and damaging these lines.

Cutting a fiber line may not affect only your ability to connect. It could also affect neighbors, communities, businesses, schools, and even first responders. Businesses can seek loss of revenue from you, and interrupting connectivity to first responders could jeopardize the safety of others.

If you believe you have hit any utility line (or if you know that someone has), stop digging immediately, step away from the area, and call 911 if the damage results in the escape of flammable, toxic, or corrosive gas or liquid, or if danger is present. After calling 911, notify the affected utility. Lastly, inform Indiana 811 of the incident.

Remember: Before digging, always call 811 or visit for the free location of public utilities on your property. Be sure to give them at least two business days before you intend to begin your project. You can also find additional resources, safety tips, and FAQs on the Indiana 811 website.