Budget billing. Is it right for you?

Posted on Sep 05 2022 in Southeastern Indiana REMC
Lady working on a budget

Depending on the time of year, weather can cause your electric use – and your power bill – to change dramatically. Budget billing is a free service that eliminates those extreme peaks by leveling out your payment, so you pay a similar amount each month.  

For most members, the highest bills are in the summer, when you use air conditioning the most. If your home has electric heat, your bill may also peak in the extreme cold winter months. With budget billing, you can find comfort in knowing what to expect each month because you’ll pay a similar amount each month. Budget billing is not a discount program, but it also allows you to better manage your monthly budget by keeping your monthly energy costs predictable and manageable. Some months you will pay less than your actual bill, and some months you will pay more to make up that difference, keeping your bills more consistent.  

There is no fee to enroll. It’s easy to manage and completely worry-free. It’s just another way we can help you manage your monthly energy costs.