Broadband development moving along

Posted on Jul 10 2022 in LaGrange County REMC
Mark Leu

I believe I have developed the ability to read minds. Whenever I go out in public, I always know the exact question that I am going to be asked when someone approaches me: “When are you going to have broadband available at my house?” And I can empathize. I’m ready for it at my house too! As we’ve reported, a confluence of factors have come together to delay us from our original build-out schedule, but we are we working as hard and fast as we can to overcome those challenges to deliver our SparkFiber service to you.

We have achieved some important milestones in our fiber broadband build. Thanks to your support and the hard work of our crews, our fiber backbone is complete. This means our high-reliability core network is up and running in a ring encircling our service area. We have also started building out the distribution fibers that extend off of the backbone into your neighborhoods.

This is an exciting step, because it brings us closer to the next phases of our project — the drop construction phase and home installation phase. After the distribution fiber is completed in your neighborhood, we will reach out to you by email to have you complete the application process. Once we have received your completed application, one of our contractors will be contacting you to set up a pre-construction meeting at your residence to determine where to run the fiber cable to your home. Shortly after that, a crew will be back to install the fiber broadband cable to the outside of your dwelling. In many areas, the cable may be buried, which means the contractor will plow a small trench to your home. But don’t worry, this will cause only minimal disturbance to your yard. Remember to mark any private utilities in your yard before our contractor arrives to install your fiber drop.

Drop construction is the very last step before your home or business can be officially connected to the LaGrange County REMC blazing-fast internet! Once that is done, you can expect one of our representatives to reach out and schedule an installation date.

On your installation date, a technician will connect the cable from the outdoor box (called a NID) to your fiber modem (ONT), and your modem gets connected to your GigaBlast Wi-Fi 6 Router. From there, the technician will test everything to make sure it is working and will help you install the CommandIQ app on your phone. After that, comes the best part — you are now ready to enjoy your brand new, fiber-fast broadband from LaGrange County REMC!

We are confident you will love your new fiber broadband service, and we are working hard to continue moving forward with our project. In the meantime, we encourage you to pre-register for service, and tell your friends and neighbors to do the same. This helps us with our construction plans, so we can decide where to build next. Follow our progress on our website, in the Indiana Connection magazine and on social media. We thank you for your support and patience and look forward to coming to your neighborhood soon!